Reflections on my 50 years” and the heading on the page would be “Journeys, Remembrances and Observations

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Gwen Bender Sorenson

Not much has changed in my life since the last reunion except retirement after 33 years with Eburg SD. September 14th will be one whole year and I'm loving every moment of it.
September 10 will be 48 years of wedded bliss for Les and I and those years have gone by in a flash it seems. Our oldest son Doug, will be 42 August 31, is single although there are some females around
all the time and has his own small construction company in Montana. He lives in a little unincorporated town named Belfry and guess what the school mascot is..... BATS.
Jason is 38, married and manages an electronics shop in Yakima. They are a very social couple with many friends and co-conspirators. They do have a 125# Great Dane called Bob and he may be our only "grandchild". Doing some traveling in US; Virginia, Hawaii, Montana and short gambling trips to Indian Casinos so we can support their retirement plans.

That's about it. See you at the reunion and thanks for taking it on.


Lorraine (Brooks) Love

 "Greetings to my classmates from long ago! I am very sorry that I will not be able to be with you. My health will simply not allow me to attend. Seven years ago I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease called microscopic polyangiitis. It has damaged my lungs and kidneys. I require oxygen to help me breathe. Guess my singing days are over. I also battled a bout of fungal pneumonia at Christmas which took a long time to get over and spent a month recuperating in a nursing home. I know the reunion will be a huge success and may God bless you all."


Kathy Boyd

HELLO,  It seems I have created I have created some sort of a record, unintentionally, by not having attended a reunion.  They are consistently scheduled at the beginning of the school year and ,therefore, there has been an obstacle to my planning a visit.   

New Jersey appears to have become home. That was completely unintentional. Since I am here I make the best of it.  Life is life no matter the coast.  I retired in 2009 following an illness.  Once healed there was way too much time on my hands.  So, I returned to the special needs school and continue to work as a learning specialist.  The children are inner city at-risk with significant learning and behavioral issues.  I have also continued my private practice where educational tutorial support is offered to first graders through adults.  We also complete educational assessments.  Needless to say I no longer have too much time on my hands.

 I have been widowed since 2006 and have filled my home with rescued cats.  Not actually filled as there are but five. Life is rarely dull with all their personalities. I continue to enjoy reading, antiquing, a little gardening, yoga, and walking.  I visit my mother and sister in Yakima a couple of times a year.  It is always good to see the Cascades and the pine trees.  I also enjoy five grandchildren who reside in Illinois.

 We never thought this far ahead did we?  What would we have changed if we could have viewed the future?  I hope everyone is well.  Enjoy the dancing, laughing, and all the memories.

 Best Wishes to all

Kathryn DiMinico

Kathy Boyd


Paul Hartman - Hi friends~

Sorry I will miss the EHS Reunion due to a consulting contract.  Although retired from fulltime work, I’m a capital-campaign and major-gifts consultant (recently landing a $3M building-naming gift for a community college), and a million-dollar campaign begins in Bellevue that weekend.

A bit of background: 

After 25 years with PBS and NPR stations (including about four years as GM of KYVE/Yakima) and another 15 in educational fund-raising and teaching, I retired a couple of years ago.  My three grown kids live nearby: Jason [Kirkland] is a senior software engineer at Microsoft; Jordan [Tacoma] is a portrait studio manager (and father of the two kids who made me a Granddad); and McKenna [Seattle] is a political fund-raising professional (that apple didn’t fall far, eh?).  I divorced my college sweetheart after almost 25 years’ marriage (we don’t like the negative sound of “ex,” so I’m her “wusband”).  Two years ago I met a professional musician and fell in love; we were married (by seven pastors!) at our church in Bellevue on April 6th.  (Five-minute video highlights reel is online here.)  Texas-born Bruce plays woodwinds for musicals at the 5th Avenue Theatre and Village Theatre, among others, and has a studio of about 25 students.  And lastly, I realized a lifelong dream about 18 months ago by publishing a novel.  The Kairos (the listing is here and great reviews are here—sorry for the shameless commerce!  J) is an international suspense tale about a Dead Sea Scrolls scholar who tries to release seven 2000-year old eye-witness accounts of Jesus.  And His intimate companion, John, “the disciple whom Jesus loved”  [cf John 13:23 and three other verses].  The antagonists are positive such news would explode the faith of a billion Christians around the world.  One reviewer said my novel invents a new literary genre for fundamentalist Christians -- religious horror.  J  Our faith is profoundly important to Bruce and me, but is clearly rooted in progressive Christian theology.

I’d love to have coffee or a beer with any classmates in the Seattle area, especially the East Side.  I’ll hoist a glass in your direction on the 6th and 7th, friends. 

Fifty years!  It’s impossible, innit?


Paul Hartman

2100 Lake Washington Blvd. N.


Renton, WA 98056-1454



Linda Wilson Fraser - I am so sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion this year. I have enjoyed the reunions the previous years but my husband and I have a family wedding to attend that weekend.

What have I been up to? Creating like crazy! At this moment, I have 20 pastel and watercolor paintings hanging in a Portland area show. My 19 year old granddaughter and I just finished the jury process to be a craft show that will be in November. We plan to have dolls, Christmas decorations, concrete yard art and cards created from our paintings. I began taking piano lessons almost a year ago, gotta keep the mind sharp, and love playing. Other than that, my husband and I entertain our grandchildren (me=3, him=4) and friends. We host many BBQs during the summer and one big open house on the day before Christmas every year. We love Portland and enjoy hiking on the many trails surrounding us. I guess that is about it. Oh yes, for my former classmates that took creative writing, I have begun writing again in a writing group. I remember how it was such an intimidating class, I was so shy and I thought everyone was so much better than I. It is so much fun now that I have more confidence and it gives me a lot of joy to be in this group.

I am attaching a photo of me dressed in my Victorian finery because this is something else I have done. I am part of the Fort Dalles Floozies. We meet the sternwheeler as it stops in The Dalles on its way to Idaho. We hand out brochures and welcome them to The Dalles. My history is in The Dalles, the town I would have graduated in if we had not moved to Ellensburg. I have connected with a lot of my old friends that still live there that I have known since the fifth grade. In fact, one of my school mates is the mayor of The Dalles, Steve Laurence. They let me be a Floozie and I am honored.

Have a great reunion,
Linda Wilson Fraser